Lipcare 3D

Lip Balm for sporty types and individual design

This allows to create a 3D designed individual lipcare cap with the choice of golf ball, football, tennis ball or baseball or on the basis of new ideas, for example:

  • for a group with coffee-lounges we created a lip balm stick with a coffee bean on top
  • for a dental care group we created a lip balm stick with a 3D designed tooth on top
  • for a hair-company we produced a lip balm stick with a hair-curl on top


  • Cosmetic product with a positive image
  • Personal and fits in every bag or pocket
  • Used by men as well as women
  • Ideal for every age group
  • Long lasting, perennial promotional merchandise
  • High quality balm “Piante”, Ökotest-certified
  • Produced according to the German Cosmetic Regulations and cosmetic GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)


Formulas : Standard: Piante
  : For additional charge: Lipnature / LPF 20 / SPF 30 / Pearl & Shine / Cherry + Special Formulas
Content : Approx. 4.8 g
Shelf Life : Min. 36 months
Weight : 16 gms
Material : Plastic
Packaging : 200 single grid carton
Lead Time : Within 3 weeks after approval of proof
Printing : Silkscreen, Pad Printing, Label (on request)
Order Quantity : From 250 pieces on

Dimensions | Printing Area

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